How much life and education in the Czech Republic cost?

Costs that cover the stay in the Czech Republic are considerably lower than in other west European countries. Expenses that cover the accommodation, food and public transportation are about 350 to 750 USD per month. Of course, everything relies upon the scholar’s lifestyle and on what amount he or she truly wishes to spend. The costs can likewise differ extensively relying upon where you are staying.

Generally speaking, the Czech Republic is not a really costly country. Notwithstanding, in Prague specifically, costs are high. You can pretty much always figure out how to eat affordably, however for the accommodation, you ought to expect high costs. The hotels are costly, contrasted with the living standard of the populace. They have comparative costs to those of Western Europe...

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Scholarships you can use for studying in the Czech Republic


The Czech’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport every year offers scholarships to international students, as per respective intergovernmental or departmental understandings signed with various countries. These sorts of scholarships are intended for college learners, graduates and PhD competitors who want to perform a study or exploration stay at one of the Czech’s public educational institutes. Their length generally goes from 2 to 10 months.

Government scholarships-the Czech Republic Government offers various scholarships inside the structure of the Foreign Development Program in backing of the study of international students at high education public institutions...

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Why should you pick Czech Republic to study at?


Brilliant training and examination, particularly in Engineering, Medicine and Sciences, has been present in the Czech Republic for a long time. The Prague’s Charles University was established in 1348 and that makes it, the oldest college in the Central Europe. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is responsible for quality programs of higher schooling system.

Different extent of study programs – Czech colleges offer long – standing notorieties, interesting conception and intriguing specializations. Learners can have a short collage visit or they can finish their degree in an extensive variety of traditional and modern disciplines...

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Benefits of studying overseas

In its year 2007 report, the Institute for International Education of Students (IES) declared that the number of American students studying abroad has heightened in the last decade with an increase of 150%. This does not imply that the educational institutions in the US are not good enough. The reason is that studying abroad has various benefits some of which are listed below.
“The Cider House Rules” author John Irving states the year when he studied abroad, it was the “single-most important year of his education.” That is because of the enriching experiences that students gain when they venture into a foreign land. It helps in broadening their perceptions, and they learn to get along with people from various communities, and religious backgrounds...

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Europe’s Finest Educational Destinations

Europe is the perfect option for receiving high-standard education since it’s historically, and culturally rich destinations are always preferred by students gearing up to study abroad.  Below is an analysis of some of Europe’s finest educational destinations.

Rebecca Ryan from Michigan State University declared in an article that students were becoming more interested in studying anywhere in Europe, and that currently 1500 students are studying in every region as compared to 1200 in 2011. That is because the quality of education and the richness of experience are two extremely inviting aspects of Europe. According to an analysis of OECD, the top six attractive educational destinations in Europe include United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, and Switzerland.

It is estimated t...

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Foreign Students and Culture reversal


Students when go to study abroad, Prague or Berlin and hordes of culturally rich destinations initially induce a cultural shock, which they get accustomed to later.  Reverse culture shock becomes a probability when they return to their homeland. This can be avoided by adopting these ways.

Jeremy, a US national who recently returned after studying at the New York University in Prague, stated that “I had trouble reconnecting with New York when I returned. It was quite different from the more reserved nature of Prague.” This is indeed true that students after experiencing new customs, lifestyle, orientations, language, fashion or cuisine trends, etc. become prone to a rearward cultural shock when they return.  Fidgetiness, boredom, skepticism, reverse homesickness, negativity and withdraw...

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Stay safe while studying abroad

Studying abroad is like a big reward to almost every person. It doesn’t mean only getting a degree from an institute but is a smart way to learn about new cultures, language skills, practices and friendship with new people of entirely different taste. Sometimes, this whole new experience may get uninteresting if there is any mishap with any of those students who have come from some other country.

There are many things which should be kept in mind before travelling abroad for studying to get the best out of the tour whilst staying safe. Here are some guidelines jumbled up to help one to have a good time and experience in the abroad.

Get enrolled for Smart Travelling Programs:
Many countries provide smart travelling programs especially for students...

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Most noteworthy educational destinations

Globalization has inferred great potential in the beneficial prospects associated with studying abroad. However, the decision of selecting a perfect destination becomes puzzling for students. Here is an analysis of some of the best destinations to study abroad for your convenience.

The 2012 Agent Barometer Global Survey conducted by ICEF on the most attractive destinations for studying purposes concluded that USA, UK, Australia and Germany were the list toppers. Undoubtedly, these locations are best considering the fact that most of the globally renowned universities are situated in these regions. Canada too has recently emerged as an interesting option for studying abroad post 2008, and as per statistics, the preference among students is increasing at a rate of 15%...

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Good Ways to Save Money While Studying Abroad

Students are always looking for good opportunities to pursue their education. Some countries offer better opportunities for students. Therefore, many students leave their home countries to move abroad for better education. However, it can be expensive to live and study in a foreign country. If you do not have a good financial support from your family, it can get difficult to put up a decent living. Here are some tips that can help the students studying abroad to save money.

Finding a Cheap Accommodation:
One of the main things on which students who are studying abroad have to spend is their apartment or hostel rents. This money can be saved if you can find a place with a generous friend or a family member...

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Exploring the Opulence of Prague

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. It is the most significant Czech city on numerous grounds such as historical background, cultural influence, and educational caliber. Here is a comprehensive yet brief tour guide that will uncover the opulence of Prague city.

The city of Prague is set beside the Vltava River, and has been the political, traditional, and financial hub of Czech Republic for decades. Inhabiting around 2 million people, this city boasts of a thousand-year-old history, which makes it the Czech archival centerpiece as well. People often nickname Prague as the Jewel of Czech Republic because this city was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1992...

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